As a beloved bookworm, I’m not ashamed to admit that I prowl the second hand shops nationwide and indeed worldwide when travelling. Books are paramount in my life so a bargain I am always in search off. Therefore the second hand shops are a must for me.

As a regular visitor to Kings Heath in Birmingham I fell in love with the Oxfam bookshop there many years ago. So Oxfam is a charity I support at home and abroad.

As a devout ARSENAL fan I couldn’t help but smile yesterday when I saw an Oxfam post on Facebook. It simply showed a poster on the window saying, ‘No more Man. Utd. shirts please’. Why this was posted, clearly I have NO idea. However, it is crystal clear that there certainly is NO demand for such clothing at the present time. Why I just don’t know.

So folks, if ye have any old clothing to pass on, do give to Oxfam or any other registered charity, but do bin those Man. Utd. tops. They really are of little value. Here’s to Arsene and his gang!