Safest Town

We have done some analysis of the most recent crime figures for 2013 up to September to see which are the most crime-free towns and which are stuck with the most crime.

We will do it by crimes committed per head of population.

We have to issue a warning with these figures as we don’t know what extra areas are part of the garda station area. For instance, Greencastle is not in the figures. I would presume that they report their crimes at Moville.


Anyway here are the facts and figures.

Moville is the safest and most crime-free place in with one crime per every 27 people.

1-in-27 – Moville
1-in-25 – Buncrana
1-in-22 – Muff
1-in-18 – Manorcunningham
1-in-12 – Carndonagh
1-in-10 – Clonmany
1-in-7 – Carrigans
1-in-5 – Burnfoot


Of course, this is not to say that the crimes are committed by people from the towns. Often burglaries and car thefts are done by people from outside of the town. It could be that those towns with a high amount of crimes could be more victims than criminals.

We all know that when a crime is committed around here the first thing people say is “It’ll be those Derry wans” and sometimes they are right.

Perhaps we should feel sorry for the people of Burnfoot and Carrigans rather than making a mental note to stay well away.

Hello Moville

However, I have to say that I wasn’t surprised that Moville was the least hit by crime as it feels very safe here. I don’t remember living anywhere safer.

According to Dr. McGinley’s research the last murder in Moville was more than 150 years ago and that was in Carnagarve which is arguably over the Moville border.

Even old people don’t remember ever hearing of a child being abducted by a stranger. It is a very safe place to bring up kids and the youngster of the town are not vandals or criminals but a great bunch.

When I asked people which places they though would have most crimes they tended to say Buncrana and Carndonagh. With Buncrana they were very wrong as only Moville is safer.

As I say, these figures have to come with a health warning as I don’t know which extra areas are included in the garda station areas and also one doesn’t know whether the crimes are committed by the people of the town or by outsiders – but make of them what you will.