There’s some stories that just have to be told. And as always the people must remain anonymous! Especially in this case! A lovely Muff lady is only to willing to assist her friends and family when it comes to solving certain kinds of problems. Her most recent request was from someone who asked her to contact Eircom to query her phone bill. The said Muff lady was able to make the contact with Eircom and indeed get the person’s phone bill reduced! Excellent outcome you would think!

Except that over the coming weeks as the Muff lady ventured into the local Post Office weekly to pay her own Eircom bill, she kept taking the bill out of her bag, and paying via the great assistants we have in Muff P.O. Only to discover recently when she checked her account online that it wasn’t getting any smaller. Eircom were obviously to blame. Weren’t they?

So on a quick call to Eircom and when asked to give the name of the person on the bill, she lifted the payment receipts to check if it was her or her husbands name on the bill…..only to discover it was neither. It was in fact the name of the person who had seeked assistance weeks previous! Oh dear!

So someone has gotten their bill reduced dramatically and the Muff lady is just a little behind with her payments!! Definitely a lesson learned!