House Prices

According to the Property Register, 12 houses were sold in Greencastle in 2013. That’s one up on the 11 sold in 2012. It’s also more than in Moville where only 7 properties (down from 15) were sold all year and two of those were attached to pubs.

It was better feeding for auctioneers in Greencastle than it was in Moville.

However, the price they got for the houses was way down.

Average Prices

in 2012 the average price got for the 11 houses was €143,000.

In 2013 the average price got for the 12 houses was €99,500.

That’s a fall of over 30% in a year.

Of course, the sample is too small to be definitive but I think we can safely say that prices are still falling – but it is not too different from Moville where property prices fell by 27% last year.

We know that business premises like hotels, pubs and restaurants have really slumped in Moville to ridiculous prices of just 10% to 15% of what they used to be valued at.

Now it looks like house prices are following them down.