Shore Walk Path

According to today’s Inishowen Independent today, they understand that the figure likely to be quoted as being needed to fix Moville’s shore walk path is likely to be around the €50,000 mark. That’s about €37 per head of population in Moville.

It’s been suggested that the Government need to do it – but that could be a long time in coming with all the assessments and enquiries and meetings etc. needed to make that happen. It would certainly be shut this summer and maybe other summers too.

Moville’s main attraction will be out of service along with its two hotels.

Original Path

When it was originally built 70 years ago all the funds were raised, the tools and the cement bought and all the labour was supplied voluntarily.

Because of Health & Safety regulations and insurance problems that couldn’t happen again.

However, the money could be raised to get it fixed. It’s a hell of a lot of money for one small town to raise – but could it be done?


Already people have offered help. Deadpool, that great young band from Derry, who played at the Songwriters Festival in Moville, have suggested organisng a charity gig to raise funds.

A dance instructor in Letterkenny offered to organise an evening of dance to raise funds.

What it needs is an assessment of what is needed. Then they could look to see where the funds could come from. The Government take too long and the Council could have self immolated by next Monday. There may be a chance of an EU grant but someone would have to put the bid together.

The first thing that is needed is an action committee.

But can Moville come together to do that? Can they emulate what their grandparents and great grandparents accomplished all those years ago?

I hope so!