The Celebrate water group, who have done so much good work in the last few years, have stepped into the Shore Path breach (well, not literally).

They are going to put on an event and sent CraicOn details. here they are:-

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for keeping us all so update with the Shore Path news and council budget crisis. A few community groups are pooling resources to run an event based around the damage to the Shore Path and it would be great if you could spread the word through Craicon.

I have sent through a note to the Parish Bulletin today and have inserted below for your information. But we are putting together more details of the event and will pass that onto you soon!

Basically we are hoping to bring the community out in force to clear up all the plastic waste that the storm has dropped on the path and beaches.

And we would like to use it as an opportunity to bring people together at a significant time to discuss the importance of the path and awe at the storm photos and power of nature through an exhibition in St. Eugene’s.

We are currently arranging how to get the children involved and get their response through speech or art. If you have any further ideas yourself or hear of anything let us know! The emphasis is on doing something positive and moving forward. Why Not!

Shore Path – Community Response

Everyone is encouraged to come along to St. Eugene’s Hall on Saturday Jan 18th between 10am and 2pm to help clear the plastic waste that the recent storm surge has dumped onto the shore path. Give an hour of your time up for our favourite walk!

Bags and pickers will be provided.

Afterwards visit the STORM EXHIBITION in the Hall with photos, video, weather explanations, free refreshments and the chance to chat about the future of our path. For more info contact Mary McKinney.