Times of Old

It was built 70 years ago, according to Gerry McLaughlin (85), who was born in Moville but now lives in Greenock, Scotland. The shore walk path came about not through anything done by the Government or by Donegal Council but by the efforts of local people all those years ago.

They organised events and held raffles to make money. With the money they bought the tools to do the job and the cement. They got the sand from the shore to make the concrete. All the labour in building the shore walk path was given voluntarily.

Voluntary Effort

So, if the Government and Donegal Council won’t help could the people get their act together and do it again?

I’m told not.

Health & safety regulations and insurance problems would scupper that. Gone are the days when local people can just get together and to something like that. It was a great job they did 70 years ago, our grandparents, and great grandparents and the path lasted all that time till last weekend – but they wouldn’t have been allowed to do it nowadays.

So, that options is out.


Mary McCauley suggested that it would need enormous sums of Government money to fix it. The Government don’t do anything quickly. If it will need the Government to step in then we are talking about the shore walk path being shut for years and years. We may never get the money for it.

The Council

What about Donegal Council?

Could they get it fixed from their budget?

They could – but they have just rejected the budget and if they can’t agree a budget by next Monday then there will be no councillors. They will all be out of a job – and Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail say that they will reject the budget again next Monday.

They may not have anything in it for the shore path anyway. There has been no estimate yet from the engineers of what it would cost. That might be something for next year’s budget.

The EU

What about EU money? Could they get a grant to do it? That is a possibility but the process takes a while and it would be difficult to get it ready for the coming tourist season this year.


What about the FAS guys? Could the do it?

They certainly could – but they would need some kind of budget from somewhere for the materials – and the Council may be self-immolating itself next Monday.

So, how is the shore walk path, so crucial for Moville & Greencastle’s tourism industry, and for the health and enjoyment of the community, going to get fixed?

That’s a good question?

Maybe the Fairies will do it!