Council Turkeys

Donegal Council last night failed to come to an agreement over the annual budget. I said last night that I expected them to come to agreement and that it just seemed like grandstanding, After all they would all lose their jobs and turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

However, it seems that they just have done – or have they. I was under the impression that last night was their final chance to come to agreement. I was told that, after midnight, there could be no more adjournments and that they would have to go on till they cam to an agreement or not. If they didn’t then the Council would be dissolved and run by the Department of the Environment.

Another Chance

However, it seems that they have one last chance on Monday to come to an agreement.

Last year,it was similar, when agreement was reached at 5 o’clock in the morning. With another deadline on Monday it looks as if they always go up to the very last deadline – whatever it is.

However, it looks as if Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein have dug themselves into positions that they will find difficult to get out of.

This is election year and it will be interesting to find out the views of the voters if the Council involves itself in self-immolation.