Death of a Council

That is what we are looking at as they can’t agree a budget. A last gasp meeting started at 11pm tonight which cannot be adjourned. If no agreement is come to then the council will be dissolved, the councillors will be out of work and the Department of the Environment will take over the running of Donegal Council.

It seems that Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail are saying that they won’t agree the budget as a protest against the council handing over council assets to Irish Water. They are telling people that the council will collapse tonight.

True or Bluff?

So, will the council collapse tonight? Will all Donegal councillors be out of work in the morning?

Well, CraicOn could look very foolish in the morning if it happens that way but we are going to say that we doubt that will happen.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

It’s what’s called grandstanding. You try to get your way by calling in the nuclear option, i.e. you say that you will take everyone down with you if they don’t agree to your proposals.

There will be much better bluffs practiced at Rosatos poker night on Wednesday night.

Annual Event

It seems that this is not the first time this has happened. It is becoming an annual event. They went on till 5 o’clock in the morning last year before they got agreement.

The magnate Robert Maxwell, who owned the Daily Mirror, used to use a similar tactic. He used to schedule important meetings for 4 o’clock in the afternoon saying that they should only last an hour.

However, he told his family that he would be home late. He also told his allies at the meeting to expect a late night and prepare for it. They all ate before they went in.

Game, Set & Match

Those in opposition expected to have a short meeting. As time went on and on they gradually succumbed. they had planned to do other things and be in other places that night.

Next year those councillors going to the budget meeting should be prepared. They should have a good sleep in the afternoon. They should also eat early and maybe organise for pizzas to be delivered late on.

Of course, I could look a complete fool in the morning if I wake up to find that the Council has been dissolved and the councillors are all out of work – and a pig flies past my window.