Moville man, Gerry McLaughlin (85), who now lives in Greenock, Scotland but comes here every summer, remembers the current shore walk path being built. It was about 70 years ago, he said. He told CraicOn that there was a previous pathway but the local residents wanted to make a proper one.

All the money to build it was raised locally and all the labour to build it was provided voluntarily.

Events and Raffles

They held fund-raising events and raffles. The money raised went to buy the cement and the tools. The sand for making the concrete was taken from the shore. In those days the sand was very clean without the pollutants dumped into the Lough now.

It just shows how they could come together as a community in those days. Could it be done again if the Council came back and said there were not the funds to do it?

I think it probably could. One Derry band who played at the Songwriter Contest, Deadpool, have suggested a charity gig to raise funds to rebuild it.

We will wait to see what the Council and the Council’s engineers say first.