Dissolution of the Council

Councillors would lose their jobs tonight if no agreement is reached and the Council will be taken over by the Department of the Environment.

The Annual Donegal Council Budget meeting took place today and there was no agreement to ratify the budget. Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail say they are not going to ratify it because the council have handed over council assets to Irish water.


CraicOn spoke at a Councillor tonight who said that the meeting would continue tonight at 11pm chaired by county manager Seamus Neely. The Councillor told us that there can be no more adjournments after midnight. Mayor Ian McGarvey had adjourned the earlier meeting.

Several meetings are taking place at the moment to try to resolve it. If they don’t, all the councillors will immediately lose their seats.

Although there can be no more adjournments after 11pm that does not mean they run out of time at midnight. It just means that they cannot adjourn the meeting any more. They will have to keep going till they get an agreement – or the council will dissolve if they don’t and all Councillors will be out of work.