Mary Deeney’s bar on the Ture road, Muff, is up an running once more. Under new management the premises promises to deliver much more than just food and drink!

Chris Armstrong and Jenna Murray are the new management behind the establishment and promise to reinvent some traditional culture into the local area! This reinventment is due to commence on Saturday night, January 11th, with ‘The Wee Gathering’ getting underway at the official opening! This ‘Wee Gathering’ is going to become a regular on a Saturday night with music, song and much more over the coming weeks and months.

On Saturday 11th, the fun will kick off at 7pm. NIAMH will play from 8.30 to 10pm, and then The Blarneystone will take over with some Irish and traditional music until 12pm (or later, time will tell!!) Chris assures me that a great night is definitely in store! Only one way to find out, and that’s to go along and see for ourselves!

The bar is currently open Monday to Friday from 5pm till close and Saturday/Sunday from 12pm till close. A food menu will be coming soon and we will hopefully be sampling it by March!