Man will be going to live on another planet for the first time in our history. The ones that go can’t come back. It will be permanent. Mars will be inhabited in the year 2024. Those going will be the first Martians (probably).

It seems that 200,000 people applied to leave earth for good in 10 years time, which is astonishing. They have now narrowed that down to 1,058. They will narrow that down to 24 to leave the earth for good.

Unnatural Selection

It seems that being a team player is most important. You have to be healthy and to have no inherited health problems in your family.

It’s been organised by Mars One, a Dutch non-profit-making organisation.

Would you fancy leaving earth for good and going to live on Mars, never to come back – with just 23 other people? You wouldn’t want to fall out with them.


I saw recently that they were talking about how they would get to the next habitable planet outside our solar system. It seems that it is more than 20 light years away and getting further all the time.

It would be impossible to get there at the moment. They reckon that, at some time in the future, humans will attempt to reach it.

However, even with speedier spacecraft, perhaps powered by solar panels, it would take 4 generations to get there. If you left earth in the spaceship it would be your great-grandchildren who would get there.

All Their Lives

Your children and your grandchildren would spend all their life in a spaceship. There would be moral concerns here. What would your children and your grandchildren think about you if you condemned them to a whole life on a spaceship.

You can see that they would have even more reasons to tell their parents “I hate you! I hate you!”

Although you might have been an adventurer they may be different people to you. Their lives would just be a means towards an end. they didn’t see earth like you did and they won’t see the new planet like your great-grandchildren would.

Any Volunteers

I was wondering if they would be able to get anyone to volunteer for that. Would you go?

However, seeing that 200,000 people applied to go and live on Mars leaving behind all family and friends never to see them again and to share their existence with just 23 other people, I would guess they could get volunteers for this mission.

Al least Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy got to come back again.