Flooded Moville

As I tapped away on my computer on Friday morning (I was up at 6am) I didn’t realise that I was completely surrounded by water from both the River Bredagh and the Lough. I didn’t realise how close we were to disaster with the River Bredagh bursting its banks and flowing down the River Row towards the town.

I didn’t realise that we were being battered from the back from the Lough with water and seaweed running down our back garden while my children slept peacefully in their beds.


It was dark and I couldn’t see, When I was going to go out for my newspapers I saw that the River Row road was now a river. At our house it was almost up to the level of the top of the pavement. It may have been higher earlier as this was 9am and high tide was 7:50am.

I got my feet wet walking along the pavement as the water was over the top of the pavement in three different places. It seems that two house had their carpets soaked.

Seeing Don McGinley’s short film of the battering we were taking from the lough had the chills running up my spine.

The River Row was a peninsula for a while. I saw Anthony Craig out filming and here’s a couple of pictures that he took of the River Row and the Bay Field.

To see Don McGinley’s films of the storm click here

River Row 1River Row 2