Leanne Kearney

It was the lowest of the amounts of money won by all the contestants on the Winning Streak but Leanne Kearney told her Facebook Friends that she was happy with the amount of money won.

Leanne, who studied Law at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, graduating last year, told her Facebook Friends “Absolutely delighted with my win. I could not be happier. Massive thanks to everyone for their calls, texts, Facebook comments, cards and general good wishes. You have all been amazing”.

Big Help

That should be a big help to her after university as she looks for work. That should cut down the financial stress anyway. I’m told she recently got engaged too.

Kearney seems to be a luck name as far as the Winning Streak is concerned as David Kearney’s mum won around 50 grand I think it was a few years ago.

A lot of people are delighted for Leanne and are glad she has got a good break.