Ten years ago if you had been plotting to destroy Moville’s tourist industry you would have done three things.

1.  Put the two hotels out of commission

2.  Put the ferry out of commission

3.  Bomb the shore path


The two hotels are now out of commission, the ferry only operates for around 6/7 months a year and there was a meeting yesterday to see if it would open at all this year.

The shore path was completely devastated in the storms of 3/1.

What more can the Gods do to Moville & Greencastle?


Was this the knockout punch for Moville’s tourist industry.

New York had Mayor Giuliani after 9/11 when George Bush was vacillating and didn’t appear to know what to do. He took charge and organised what needed to be done.

Does Moville have such a person who can step up and get the shore walk rebuilt?

To see photos of the damage done you should click on Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms