Attendees at the meeting to look at the long-term future of the Foyle Ferry were giving out positive vibes after the meeting, although a decision on it was deferred. They are looking at different ways that it can be funded and quite  a few ideas were put in front of the meeting including ideas on getting grants for it.

There were people from all political parties from both sides of the border at the meeting as well as the directors.

They all agreed that the Dail and the Northern Ireland Assembly would need to fund it in the long-term between them.

Short Term

The local authorities though need to find a short-term solution to make sure that it is able to open again this year just before St. Patrick’s Day.

Although there was no immediate solution to the problem, they were all feeling positive that a solution can be found and that the amounts of money needed to solve it are not huge. They have a new strategy and they plan to implement it in the coming months.