What a terrible beating Moville took from the storm.

Here are a couple of short films of it from Don McGinley’s Facebook Page (I presume he took them).

Click on Moville Storm 1

and Moville Storm 2

It’s quite frightening to think that I was, quite literally, in the middle of it in the River Row. I had been up since 6am working but it was dark outside. It was only when I was going to go out for my newspapers at 9pm that I saw that the River Bredagh was actually flowing down the River Row.

We were in the middle of this film whilst my children slept blissfully unaware in their beds.

High tide was at 7:50am so this film must have been taken between then and the 9am when I ventured out. I got my feet wet going out for the newspapers.

I don’t feel quite as safe sleeping in my bed now as I did.