A few years ago, my long-lost daughter Margot was in touch and I invited her over to Moville for a visit. She really enjoyed herself and had a good time. One of her favourite places was Rosatos. So much so that she wanted a memento to take back with her to Sacramento in California.

Guinness Glass

She asked me, “Do you think Eddie would let me buy one of his Guinness glasses from him to take back with me?”.

“Just take one” I told here. “He gets them from the brewery anyway. He’s got lots of them”.

“Shouldn’t we at least task him anyway?” she asked.

“No, THere’s no need” I said. “He’s a bit busy anyway”.

Mission Accomplished

She put the glass in her handbag and went to sit down with a group of family and friends that she has made in the corner of Rosatos that you see when you look to your right when you come in the door.

A little later on I saw Eddie and told him what had happened. Eddie’s always up for this type of thing.

He went over to where Margot was sitting and said, in front of the crowd “Margot, can I look inside your handbag?”

Shock and Horror

From where I was sitting I could see Margot put both hands to her face and actually shiver with the realisation that it was not OK to take the glass, despite what her father told her and she could now be in serious trouble for stealing from a pub in Ireland. What would be the consequences?

However, Eddie put her out of her misery quite quickly and told her that it was OK, that she could keep it and pointed over to me. Margot was much relieved and took it like the sport she is.

And she did get a free Guinness glass to take back to America with her. I wonder if she still has it.


Margot got in touch and said “Ahhh! I was mortified.

“And yes I do still have the glasses, I gave one to Chad and one to his good friend. They love them and they are their favorite beer glasses. By the way they were the Carlsberg glasses”.

So, they are being put to good use in America.