The waters have now subsided in both the River Bredagh and to a lesser extent Lough Foyle so now we can assess the damage.

The River Row is strewn with seaweed. The river had burst its banks and was flowing down the street of the River Row. It was on the pavements at some points. It was only inches away from the level of the houses there.

It’s even worse at the back of my house where there is a big line of seaweed coming half way up my garden.

But what’s been even more astonishing is that the power of the sea has lifted some of the rocks from the sea wall and dumped them in my garden. It’s not the very biggest ones but they are big enough that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to remove them.

There’s also a massive tree trunk in my garden. Hopefully Anthony Craig will want to claim that as firewood. I saw him out filming this morning so perhaps we’ll see the film up on YouTube at some point.

The late Jean McGeoghan’s house got it worst as the sea managed to get over the defences and was rolling all the way up to her back door.

The worst is now over but the storms are to continue and there is another high tide at 8:20pm tonight – and we’ll be in the dark this time.

I’ll bet that the shore walk will be pretty blocked up at the moment with debris, with maybe some of the sea walls broken.

Moville will be bracing itself for more action tonight and tomorrow.