I’ve been up since 6 o’clock but it was only when the darkness cleared and I was going to go out for my newspapers that I saw the scene outside. The River Bredagh was flowing along the River Row. In most places it wasn’t on the pavement although I did get my feet wet when I walked along to go up to the shops.

When I looked back I saw that the Bay Field was flooded too – up as far as the near goal. On my way back I could smell the faint whiff of sewage emanating from the Bredagh River. The storm is battering us from the back too. The waves from the Lough are battering the rocks and probably the land too. Even my dog, who likes to bark at the waves, didn’t stay out there too long.

Not Far

The water is not very far from entering the house. If it gets any higher it will come in the house. The big danger is from the back as there is a slope running up the rocks at the bottom. If the sea comes over that then it will roll downhill and it will be curtains for us.

When I wandered up to Gillen’s I wondered when the high tide would be. Paul Gillen helpfully looked it up in a newspaper. The high tide was at ten to eight. It’s now nine o’clock. Perhaps the worst has passed. I don’t know how long it takes for the high tide to take the water levels down appreciably. The water levels weren’t any lower when I came back from the shops.

Worse Weather

Hopefully the levels start to fall now but further bad weather is predicted over the next few days and there will be another high tide this evening.

As I look out my window onto the River Row, if anything, the water levels seem to be getting higher.

I’ve looked out the back and the water is now starting to gather there from the lough. It’s only water from the high waves as yet. The level of the water is not over the top yet – but it’s starting to get worrying. If the sea comes over the top at the back and combines with the River Bredagh which has already flooded I dread to think what could happen.

Maybe we should evacuate!

The sea is now rolling down the path of Jean McGeoghan’s house next door. It must be on a slightly lower level than ours.

When is the tide going to turn – and what about tonight when the tide comes in again in the dark?