Shore Walk

My brother-in-law from San Francisco, who has been to a few places, described Moville’s shore walk as one of his top three favourite walks in the world.

Beatles road manager, Tony Bramwell, partly because of the shore walk, told a local journalist, Kate Barr, that Nashville, Hawaii and Moville were his favourite three places in the world.

Enda Craig, who is fighting to save part of the shore walk from being turned into a sewage treatment plant argues that this shore walk is a precious resource that Moville couldn’t afford to have ‘polluted’ by this plant.


Many, many visitors have enjoyed the views across the lough while walking along the shore path.

Now, Moville’s main asset has been destroyed in just a night. It was decimated before Movillians even woke up this morning. Generations of Movillians and visitors had taken this beautiful walk for granted over the years even though they much appreciated it.

Said Margot Frost from Sacramento in California when she read about it ” Oh no! That was my favorite thing to do in Moville”. Margot, when she is here, walks all the way from Moville  to Greencastle and back along the shore walk, every day.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, John Hume, was often seen walking along it, stopping to talk to people as he went.


Now it is no longer there. Great stretches of it have simply gone or been destroyed with some of it washed away.

It remains to be seen what is going to be done about it, if anything. It would be a great shame if its fixing was not a priority.

We know how longs the White Wall took to repair as it lay in pieces for over a year. We know how long it took to reopen the Greencastle part of the shore walk which had been closed off, long after the breakwater project was cancelled.

Will the shore walk lie in ruins for months or even years as well? If it did that would be a disaster for the town.

To see pictures of the destruction you should click on Moville’s Shore Walk destroyed by storms