Foyle Ferry

The Foyle Ferry had its funding cut. It used to run all year. There were threats that it would close entirely. However, in the past couple of years they have managed to cobble up short-term deals to keep it going usually after Donegal and Limavady councils have come up with some cash.

However, it only runs from just before St. Patrick’s Day till October. One local Greencastle businessman reckoned that his trade dropped by 30% as soon as the ferry stopped for the winter.

There are also youngsters from the area who went to Coleraine University thinking that they would be able to get there all year-long via ferry.


Business wise the ferry has benefitted greatly both sides of the border. During these hard times it gets people putting their hands in their pockets and spending – something that they haven’t done much of since the onset of the credit crunch and recession.

So, it seems that there is a crucial meeting about its future today. Let’s hope that this is to discuss how it could be open all year round rather than whether it will open at all next year.

We shall know soon.