You’re never quite surprised to find a bouncer on the door of the local pub at the weekend. They’re needed every now and then and do tend to keep the clientele that bit more respectable. But one never expects to find a bouncer on the door at the local butcher’s!

That’s just what I found on New Year’s Eve afternoon! Whilst shopping for a nice piece of meat for the first family dinner of 2014 I found myself in yet another queue at the butcher shop (I keep telling him that he really does need a wee coffee pot and table for two!). So whilst being mannerly and making polite conversation with the locals, also awaiting some nice meat, the last man in the queue insisted that he was doing bouncer on the door. And thankfully I was in front of him, and not behind! Otherwise I might have been relegated to a very leftover turkey and ham, blue moulded dinner the next day!!

A certain B B took control of the butchers and decided he was in charge. He was even insulting the butcher for not paying the staff and so the queue had formed. I did stand up for the butcher but Brian (!) was having none of it. When my turn came along I advised the butcher not to serve yer man as he was insulting him. So I’m not sure if good quality meat was served in the Barron household on New Years Day, but mine was just divine!

What’ll it be next at the butcher’s? A Huskie checking out the customers!!! One just never knows!