Starring Role

Young Moville boy, Art Parkinson, has been given a major new starring role in a new film, Shooting for Socrates, about the time that Northern Ireland got to the 1986 World Cup Finals.

The story is about a young guy called Tommy who plays football in the streets of Belfast and dreams about the Northern Ireland taking on the mighty Brazil. Art will be playing the football-mad Tommy.

It is set to a background of rioting in Belfast in 1985 with the two factions at each other’s throats before the days of the Peace. There was no Peace Bridge in Derry in those days.


Northern Ireland are led by Billy Bingham. Brazil are led on the field by Socrates, the namesake of the ancient Greek philosopher. Brazil are hot favourites. Catholics and Protestants alike look forward to the big match.

Tommy’s dockworker father explains life and Northern Ireland politics to him via the medium of football. According to eth film’s website:-

“The story interweaves young Tommy’s coming of age tale with the trials and travails of the hapless Northern Irish team over the nine months leading up to their ultimate game, in the stifling heat of Mexico at the world’s greatest festival of football.”

Tenth Birthday

It seems that Tommy’s 10th birthday is approaching at the same time as the big match.

According to the website “Back home, Tommy waits anxiously for the biggest day of his life – because the day of the match is also his tenth birthday – and his father has promised to take him to the “top of the World” – the massive crane at Belfast Docks where Arthur works.

“From here he can see the whole of his world, but can he understand the lessons his father, inspired by the Greek philosopher Socrates, is trying to teach him? This is a story of two nations, two teams, and a father and a son, the things that divide them and the things that unite us all.

Best v Smallest

“Set against the backdrop of the 1986 World Cup and the socio-political backgrounds of both nations – this is the story of the world’s smallest footballing nation, taking on its best. With laughter and passion, this is the ultimate story of the beautiful game and what it means”.

It looks as if Art has pulled off a cracker. It looks like the year 2014 could become the year of Art with several other juicy roles lined up for him. Shooting for Socrates will come out later this year.