New Year

We watched the New Year come in in New Zealand on TV and then from Australia and then from Dubai and Moscow before going out. There were a lot of people out in Moville over the festive period and last night was no exception.

Moville’s a bit of a damp squib at the bells on New year’s Eve. It used to be that everyone went out into the square for the bells. However, last night less than half left Rosatos – and almost all of those who did were back in after a few minutes.

All it seems to happen out in the square is a countdown and then that’s it. I’m told it was very cold outside.

There was a countdown in Rosatos and champagne was given out to those there while it lasted. I lost out by going to the toilet just before they were given out and they were all gone when I came back with everyone drinking their champers.

Ah well!

I hope this is not the year of missing out.

Maybe someone could think of something better for next year’s New year’s Eve in the square.

I wonder if they do it better in Greencastle!