Page Views

We’ve just received our stats for 2013 from WordPress which shows all the Page Views and where they come from for the 10 months that the new CraicOn has been up and running. Some of the countries have just one Page View but there are quite a number of countries with significant numbers of page views.

It is read on all 6 populated continents. Anyone fancy nipping down to Antarctica to login to CraicOn there? Perhaps they have no internet access there anyway.

It seems to be pretty strong in the UL with quite a lot of Page Views from the USA. I’m surprised at Spain coming next. I expect it is people on holiday there looking in.

Movillians Abroad

I knew there were quite a few people looking in from Australia as there are lots of Movillians working over there. I would have expected more from New Zealand especially with there being 7 youngsters from Moville in Christchurch alone. I’ll need to get onto my nephew Rory Lafferty who is one of them.

I’m not surprised at Germany as Michael Moravek, who appeared at the DylanFest, has got a blog on his website which links to CraicOn.

Why Singapore should be next I have no idea. If you are out there and login to CraicOn regularly,let us know.


In Canada, I know that David Kearney looks in. I’m surprised that there are so many from Trinidad and Tobago. Is that where Movillians and Muffians go on holiday?

South Africa is top of the African countries. Singapore is top in Asia. The USA is top in North America. Brazil is top in South America. Ireland is top in Europe obviously. Australia is top in Australasia.

Here are the countries where it was read this year and the number of Page Views.

Country Views
Ireland 103,053
United Kingdom 49,131
United States 8,032
Spain 1,887
Australia 1,261
Germany 731
Singapore 616
Canada 501
France 370
Trinidad and Tobago 347
Netherlands 332
Greece 331
South Africa 273
United Arab Emirates 261
Italy 213
Sweden 200
Thailand 192
Isle of Man 137
New Zealand 133
Belgium 133
Norway 110
Turkey 109
Jersey 62
Portugal 55
Austria 55
Barbados 52
India 44
Philippines 37
Japan 35
Jordan 34
Brazil 33
Oman 33
Argentina 32
Hungary 30
Mexico 29
Switzerland 28
Denmark 26
Russian Federation 23
Finland 18
Poland 16
Malta 15
Israel 15
Republic of Korea 12
Dominican Republic 11
Chile 10
Nigeria 10
Uruguay 10
Pakistan 9
Iceland 8
Bulgaria 8
Romania 7
Czech Republic 7
Croatia 6
Peru 6
Viet Nam 5
Slovenia 5
Guernsey 5
British Virgin Islands 5
Qatar 5
Luxembourg 5
Latvia 5
Puerto Rico 4
Saudi Arabia 3
Hong Kong 3
Malaysia 3
Malawi 3
Ukraine 3
Kazakhstan 3
Estonia 3
Sri Lanka 2
Senegal 2
Mauritius 2
Venezuela 2
Slovakia 2
Ghana 2
Colombia 2
Cyprus 2
Panama 2
Taiwan 1
Ecuador 1
Macao 1
Réunion 1
Guam 1
Cameroon 1
Lithuania 1
Bangladesh 1
Paraguay 1
Nicaragua 1
Egypt 1
Azerbaijan 1
Indonesia 1
Burkina Faso 1
Sierra Leone 1
Kenya 1
China 1
Antigua and Barbuda 1
Jamaica 1
Nepal 1

If you are in one of these countries and look in on CraicOn every so often,let us know.