I did say it would be a real treat, and it was! The Ghost’s Legs played The Rock Bar in Muff last night and no one could possibly argue the potential these four lads surely have. It’s a musical session with a difference.

These guys are clearly influenced by groups such as Nirvana, Metallica and the like. Yet they manage to put their own individual take on each song. Even a Johnny Cash number takes on a whole new twist. As for their rendition of George Michaels Faith, one couldn’t help but smile and enjoy! George Michael will never sound the same again!

And as for ‘Wagonwheel’, that dreaded number, it fortunately didn’t make an appearance. However a biscuit wagonwheel managed to fly from the drummer across to my table! That was more than enough wagonwheel for one night! My favourite of the night would have to be ‘Tainted Love’. A real trip down the ’80’s memory lane!

The Ghost’s Legs play quite a heavy metal/rock musical set. They incorporate a vast mixture into the session. And there’s even some of their own music there too. Four very talented musicians form this band. Someone said to me last night, ‘that’s not my kind of music, but they are really good’! That’s a pretty good compliment I’d say!

The Ghost’s Legs will no doubt be gigging a lot more in 2014. Keep your eyes peeled for their next date. Keep it going lads. We need more musical gigs like this!

(Oh, and Paul Kelly, a lovely Quigleys Point lady wonders if you might be single. Just pm me your number and I’ll pass it on!!!)