Sharon Shannon took to the Derry stage earlier tonight as part of the grand finale to Derry’s City of Culture 2013 status. Sharon and her band, with special guests, owned the stage from beginning to end. Contemporary traditional and folk music flowed for over one and a half hours. The Derry and Donegal audience were privy to a real musical treat.

I’ve been very fortunate over the past year to have had an abundance of events on my cultural calendar. Tonight was my final leg of the year’s cultural journey. And what an ending it was. It was extra special bumping into friends from Muff, Quigleys Point, Redcastle and further along the Derry/Moville road. How fortunate we have all been to be so near to such rich and talented exhibits over the year. A short trip up the road! And so rewarded with each show, be it musical, literary or theatrical.

Shannon was simply exquisite tonight in Derry’s Millenium Forum. The stage was hers from the onset. A humble girl from Co. Clare, yet a huge musical talent. She had her Derry/Donegal audience singing, clapping, cheering throughout. Anyone who failed to dance by the end really needs to see a shrink!!

How privileged were each and every one of us to see/hear Shane McGowan sing Fairytale of New York on that Derry stage tonight. The very talented Wallis Bird did Kirsty McColl justice also! McGowan is a legend and it was truly a great honour to see the guy up there tonight!

They said it would be legenderry…it was!