New Year

Every New Year in Moville the pubs empty out and everyone goes up to the square. There’s a bit of a count and then when it hits zero everyone cheers and wishes everyone else Happy New Year with a few kisses and hugs interspersed.

It’s good – but it could be better. I remember when I was skiing in St. Anton in Austria one year at New Year everyone went out into the street at midnight just like here. However, as soon as the bells started ringing all sorts of fireworks started to go off. It was like Greencastle’s display at the Greencastle regatta.


It was so much more atmospheric. It tends to go off with a bit of a damp squib in Moville. I used to go out and hang around a little but I see it as an opportunity to get a seat in the pub now when everyone is out in the square. I do go out but I get back earlier than most and get a warm seat in Rosatos before the rest of them get back.

In previous years Rosatos had champagne flutes full of champagne for the first ones back so that was an extra bonus.


It would be nice if someone could think of something different to do, e.g. Spring Tides suddenly appearing playing their version of Auld Lang Syne on their guitars.

Don’t get me wrong! It is a nice occasion, a warm occasion – but I just think it could be so much better.