It’s coming to the end of 2013 and there’s been many new memories made in our little village of Muff throughout the year. One of these has been the birth of Craic on Muff. Craic On has been in Moville for many years so I was privileged when the owner, Gerry, asked me to take on the Muff element of his site.

In February of this year I got it up and running. I’ve been writing for over 20 years, but nothing has given me the rewards that writing this little blog about our wee village has done! I’m NOT a journalist or a reporter. I’m a blogger and Arts Correspondent! (Check out my blog ‘North West Culture). My love of writing was a huge asset in my obtaining my degree and masters in English as a mature student. So it’s writing I will continue to do! I write various literary, theatre and music reviews for Irish publications in Perth, Chicago and London. But writing for Craicon Muff is by far the most fun I have!

Many wee stories have appeared on Craic On Muff and where someone’s name has been mentioned, I have always requested permission to print. And will continue to do so. The site is a bit of fun, but it’s also a great way to get the news and happenings in the village to the local people both at home and abroad. I have readers all over the world checking in daily. Muff people in Australia and America are always sending me wee messages about how they love reading about the craic at home. I’ve set up the facebook page which enables me to post photographs of various events throughout the year. And when you check them out, there’s been a heck of a lot happening in our wee village over the past year. One of the most notable must surely be the opening of Muff Community Playpark. It’s a huge asset to our community.

One of the most fun events I’ve had this year was the opening night of the Muff Festival and the late rendition from the Muff Band 30th reunion. That is a night that will go down in craicon history!

So here’s to next year and more blogging about our village. Thanks to everyone who has been reading the posts and helping to make it the success that it is. Sure if ye can’t have a bit o craic, what can ye do…wilt away. Keep craicing on folks!