It seems that the Christmas period is being ruined for some people around the area by a vicious stomach bug. According to one local DJ “Ugh!!!! upset tummy and feeling freezing, can’t get heated. i thought i was over the worst of it but didn’t feel the best doing the show last night…must be some sort of gastric bug going around as my eldest son seems to have it as well”.

Another well-known pub manager in the area has spent the last few days in bed.

Hanging Round

I must say that I’ve had it hanging around me without it quite breaking out. I’ve just felt slightly fluey and under the weather without much energy. My daughter has been feeling the same way.

It seems to come back every year around this time. It should be called the Grinch Bug.

Two Years Ago

I had it bad two years ago when I had to cancel my trip to a Christmas dinner and had to stay home on my own. All I had t eat all that Christmas Day was a dry, unbuttered piece of toast and that was late in the day. I spent most of it alone.

It was an awful feeling so I have sympathy for those who have it now. These bugs tend to come when you are feeling a little stressed and Christmas can be a stressful time. They say a glass of red wine helps kill germs in the gut but I’m no doctor.