Community is about coming together. It’s about being there when a neighbour or a friend needs you. It’s about caring. And what better community than the one we live among in Muff and surrounding area!

Today proved that the community in this area will rally together when needed. An idea by local man Fergal Buchanan came to fruition today and showed just how people really are good spirited and supportive. Local girl Caraoisa Grant was recently diagnosed with leukaemia and is currently undergoing treatment for her illness. Although money cannot cure this illness, it can make life a little easier for Caraoisa and her family at this time. So after much planning and organising, a great network of support among the local sporting clubs brought about a charity game today at the local GAA pitch.

Families came out today in their droves. The freezing conditions didn’t deter anyone. Our local community and beyond showed just how united we really are when it’s needed. Approximately €2500 was collected today. This will put to good use by the Grant family.

But money is not the be all and end all. Prayers are still needed to help this family through the coming times. So do keep Caraoisa and her family in your prayers today and in the coming weeks and months. A special little girl will reap the benefits and rewards of these.

Muff certainly ‘kicked’ for Cara today!