The Yetis

As local pub managers know, if you want a crowd, book The Yetis. James, Paul and Stephen have caused a sensation around the area with their successes.

Usually the Inishown Vintage Show chose a name act from outside the area to headline the festival. Last year Nathan Carter headlined the show.

Main Act

Now, this year The Yetis are going to be the main act. There’s no need to look for top name acts from other parts of the country, the committee decided, when The Yetis always draw a crowd and are the best known band in the area.

There WILL be a big crowd there to see the local lads perform. It is a guaranteed success.


It used to be that local pub owners didn’t like it when the Saturday Night at the Vintage Show took people out of town and the pubs used to be empty that night.

Now they love it. People have changed their behaviour and now come out to the local pubs and take in an act there and then head up to the Vintage Show marquee and bar.

The Vintage Show always did the local charities good. Now it boosts local businesses too and leaves everyone happy.

Keep early June free for the Vintage Show, especially the Saturday night when The Yetis are playing.