Busy Night

It was one of the busiest nights of the year in Rosatos – and then someone told me that he came there as the crowds were just too big in Maguires. Someone else said that the crowds were just as big in Rawdons.

People you rarely see were out and about. Although during the year it is a disadvantage to the pubs that a lot of their customers have left the town, it is a bonus around Christmas that many of them come back to visit families and are out and about.

Tills Ringing

The tills were ringing around town last night. St. Stephen’s Day is normally busy but I’ve never seen it as busy as that. It looks like being a bumper Christmas for the pubs and restaurants with Friday, Saturday and Sunday expected to be busy with maybe Monday night off and then it is New Year’s Eve and then New Year’s night with Thursday off and then Friday and Saturday night again.

Christmas and New Year couldn’t have come on a better day for the pubs and restaurants and they should cash in big time on this bonanza.

Good News

This is good news for the town as both the owners and the workers get more money and they will spend at least part of that about the town. As I’ve said before, according to the Circulation of Money economic theory, every Euro spent in an area circulates an average of 6 times with 6 different businesses getting the benefit of it.

For instance one of the workers at Rosatos, Rawdons or Maguires gets some extra hours and decide to spend some of the extra money on getting her hair done and the hairdresser spends the extra money on a painter or plumber or electrician who spends it on a taxi and a meal out or a drink in the pub etc. etc. etc.

Ripple Effect

So, this injection of money into the local pubs and restaurants will ripple through the local economy boosting all businesses. It’s a great end to what has been the year of recovery in Moville and that cash has yet to have a beneficial effect on the local economy.

Say it quietly but the good times are slowly trickling back.

Have a good 2014!