Toby is a young pup belonging to my cousin. A few days before Christmas Toby was left home alone as his owner and her Mum were both out. Toby was left in the back hall of the house with the door leading to the kitchen closed tight. Water and food were plentiful beside his comfy bed in the hall.

So a few hours later it was to his owner’s Mums surprise when she came home and found NO Toby in the back hall. The kitchen door opened and the kitchen just a little messy!

Toby had successfully opened the kitchen door and proceeded to open a few presents all by himself. Then he liked the look of the Christmas tree and the baubles hanging there, so to the ground they were brought. I believe some clothes left hanging on chairs also found their way to the floor! Toby decided to celebrate Christmas a little early.

The poor pup was told off, sent back to the hall and paid the price for his celebrations. But all was back in order in time for Christmas. Toby lived to tell the tale and his owner learned just how smart her new pup really is. Go Toby!