Situation as of 9:45am

I can see from the traffic figures today for CraicOn that most of you are still abed but there are a few of you up and about so here is the current situation in the town.

Gillens will be closed all day opening again tomorrow. Centra is currently shut but sometimes they open later on.

Open Now

The shops that are currently open in Moville, that I can see, from a trail up the main road are Terry’s and Lynott’s.

Both have today’s newspapers. I went up to Terry’s as I couldn’t see my newspaper in the window of Lynott’s. I get the London Times and the Daily Record. Terry’s had both of them.


I had left myself short of milk over Christmas and people were told that it was only for tea and not to drink. It was good to see Terry having a plentiful supply and so I bought a two-litre carton.

I had bought ham for St. Stephen’s Day dinner and thought I had enough potatoes to go along with it – but I didn’t. There would have been strict rationing if I couldn’t get any.

Luckily Terry had a several bags of these too, so I purchased one.

I can now relax and read my newspapers and do the Su Doku puzzles in The Times whilst the others are still in bed and will think about the dinner later.

Happy Christmas!

Update 17:15

I can see Centra’s lights on as I look up from the River Row so I presume that they are open.