Moville Pubs

A top figure in the sex industry in Belfast and Derry, Seamus Kelly, is on the verge of buying two pubs in Moville.

Said Seamus, “we’ve targeted Moville as a top potential spot for sex tourism”.

Big Nights

“There were several successful nights at the Bar-A-Cuda and Maguires, which generated national publicity, and we feel that Moville is in the perfect spot to take advantage of a gap in the market.”

It’s also a top location on the swingers circuit with sites like

Derry Visitors

“The rules in Ireland are less strict than they are in the UK and we see the potential for people to come up from Derry and Belfast, as well as the West of Scotland, to come up here to have a good time.”

It seems that they are in negotiation with two pubs, one in the Malin Road and one in the square in Moville.

Gala Nights

Said Seamus Kelly, “we expect to have purchased two pubs in Moville shortly. We are looking for high class establishments, especially ones with upstairs rooms.

“Initially we will be bringing in girls from Belfast and Derry for our Gala Nights. We want it to be like the saloons in America in the 19th century”.

Moville Girls

“We will be using girls from Derry and Belfast first, but we already have 6 local Moville girls booked up who will start replacing the girls from outside as soon as we get them properly trained up. They are amongst the best looking girls in Moville. We expect to have lots more local girls soon. We pay top class money”.

They have also purchased a town house in the main square, close to the Town Clock, which they will be turning into an Anne Summers store of sexy lingerie and sex toys.

Job Creation

Said Seamus:-

“We are expecting to create up to 30 jobs in Moville, and these will be good, well paid jobs. If our initial investment is successful we hope to create lots more jobs in Moville.”

“We can’t say, at the moment, which pubs we are on the verge of buying, but I think people will be surprised by the quality of the establishments. We’re only interested in those with high reputations and those where there is no trouble.”

Helping the Town

“If we are successful, Moville youngsters will no longer have to leave town to get work. If we are successful in phase 1, we have plans to open a casino,as well”.

“Moville is a fantastic place, with its beauty, its lough, its countryside and its people. Now we plan to bring real well paid jobs to Moville”.

“The people of Moville deserve this”.

Watch this space.


I thought I’d leave it to the end to tell you that this article is an old one from April 1st 2008.