Whilst cooking lunch yesterday for the family we got to discussing the food that is involved in Christmas lunch. My sister, mother and myself were in the kitchen sipping some wine and talking vegetables, turkey, and custard (not all together of course!).

I had to admit to them that the custard I was serving with their Christmas pudding later would not be home made, but the old reliable ‘Birds Custard’. My mother got to laughing and told the story of her cousin Alan (now in Australia) many years ago in Tullynavin, Redcastle!

Alan was at home with his father in Mum’s home at Tullynavin, Redcastle. My Granny had left the custard sitting out and went down the the fields to give tea to my Granda who was working there. When she got back up to the house she noticed the custard poured all over the front street. It was everywhere apparently! She asked Alan why the custard was on the ground and he said, ‘it said Birds Custard, so I fed the birds’!

Poor Alan. Least the birds were well fed in Redcastle that day!