Stormy Weather

It’s the last day to do Christmas shopping both for presents and for food and drink supplies when the shops are shut but the weather is wild out there.

Those who haven’t finished their Christmas shopping won’t look forward to going out in those gales of up to 70 miles an hour (that’s 112 km/hr in new money). Those that have bought all of their presents and supplies will be relishing a day inside in the warmth of a nice fire.


The forecast that I heard this morning said that the storms should start abating around about 2pm so late shoppers might get a better afternoon to shop. Of course, you might get the crowds as well then so, if you want it done quickly, it might be an idea to brave the winds and rain and go and get it done.

I know that many Inishowenians who are abroad read CraicOn. Those planning Christmas Day on the beach in Australia or New Zealand will be feeling a bit smug as they read this. There are some benefits of working away from home.

It should be a better day on Christmas – but that doesn’t matter too much as the streets will be empty anyway and everyone indoors.