This is from 2008.

Pink Limo

A Moville girl, Rhea McLaughin, was asked by her father what she wanted to do for her birthday.

“I want a pink stretch limo to take me and my friends to the cinema in Derry” she said.

“Where will I be able to find a pink limo” her dad replied.

“I have the number of a company here that hires one out” she said.


So that was that.

The pink limo was ordered for the Saturday before her actual birthday which was on the following Monday.

Rhea and four friends met at the River Row and headed up to the bridge to meet it when they saw it stopping at Centra.


Inside the limo it was luxurious with strings of those little lights and glasses with napkins in them ready for the journey.

As Rhea was only just turning 15, and her friends were similar ages, there was no champagne or anything like that.

However, there were soft drinks, crisps and snacks for the journey up and back.

Return Journey

The limo was booked for one o’clock and returned at six.

They said that they weren’t sure which film they were going to watch so that was the reason for the 5 hour gap.

They ended up going to see the film version of a TV series popular with women.

The girls had a great day out and one that will remain in their minds for ever.

Goodness knows what Rhea will want for her birthday next year.


PS – for those that don’t know already, she’s my daughter.

I wasn’t going to write this story but quite a few people asked me if I’d seen the pink limo at the bottom of the town, and did I know who it was for, so I went ahead with it.