This is from 2011.


Here are the tallies from the Presidential election from Moville tallied at Scoil Eoghain:-

251 – Martin McGuinness
250 – Sean Gallagher
218 – Michael D Higgins
43 – Dana
31 – Mitchell
30 – David Norris
12 – Mary Davis

The total vote was 835.


Therefore the percentage of votes for each candidate was as follows:-

30% – McGuinness
30% – Gallagher
26% – Higgins
5% – Dana
3.6% – Mitchell
3.6% – Norris
1.4% – Davis

Katie and Martin

McGuinness got slightly less than the 32% that he got in Donegal North East overall.

Gallagher got slightly more than his 28% Donegal North East average and well above the national average probably because of Katie Norris’s campaigning here.

Michael D Higgins also got more than the Donegal North east average of 23% again probably because of Martin Farren’s campaigning for him.

President of Inishowen

So that’s that then.

Michael D is President of Ireland.

Does that make Martin McGuinness the President of Moville, Inishowen and Donegal North East?