Last night saw the party to top all parties. And it was in the local village pub. Not exactly where one expects to be rocking to The Killers, Thin Lizzy; dancing to The Beatles, Oasis and The Jam. But that’s exactly what was happening into the wee hours last night in Muff.

Kevin Lees kicked the night off to a fun start and the warm up was complete! Then the local community was treated to a real young gem. Luke McLaughlin from Muff, currently lead singer with the London based up and coming group The Turning, took to the stage for a set. This young 16 year old chap showed just why he’s singing with one of the UK’s hottest new bands. His voice is authentic, his look is original. This guy can sing just about anything and makes it his own. A real festive treat for us all last night.

Last and by no means least, Route 66 took to the stage. One of Muff’s musical treasures heads this group – Liam Atcheson! Not only can this guy sing, he entertains, he plays and he delivers the music every time. From the traditional Christmas songs, to Thin Lizzy, The Killers and Johnny Cash, Route 66 covered them all. And in style. The highlighting song of the night must surely have been Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. These three guys aced it!

The Christmas jumper element added a real festive touch to last night. And everyone made such an effort. Mrs Doyle and her home made spectacular sweater won best Female jumper and Dean Barron picked up top spot for the male category!

There was fun, there were frolics. There was dance and there was music. From guinness to mulled wine, and fosters beer to where’s wally pants. The Squealing Pig’s Christmas Party had it all!

Here’s hoping this will now be an annual event in the village. The perfect start to Christmas.

A huge shout must go out to Kevin Atcheson for all the planning, organising and pulling together. This was a night for each and everyone in the village and it was rocking! Thanks to Kevin and all the bar staff for an amazing start to Christmas 2013!