One of the big problems that social media websites have is that it is difficult to make money from them. As they are free to use they have to make money some other way.

The most important of these is through advertising. However, most people don’t open the ads and many don’t even notice them.

Automatic Ads

Now, Facebook are going to do something really annoying and have automatic ads, i.e. the video ads will start showing when you sign into Facebook. There will be a 15 second video that you will have to listen to before you are able to use Facebook.

Facebook will charge companies from $1m to $2,5m for those ads so you can see why they want to do it. However, there are already enough websites that start speaking to you or have automatically started videos.

One hopes that you will be able to skip the ad and not have to listen to the whole 15 seconds worth every time you sign onto Facebook.

It will be difficult for people at work to use Facebook if the automatic videos start up and everyone can see you are not working.


They are just in testing phase at the moment and only a small band of Facebook users will see the ads. However, the decision has been made and soon everyone will be getting these annoying ads.

Once can’t blame the company for doing it as they want to make a commercial success of their website. However, it is not something that its users (rather than customers) want.