The AIB van comes to town onWednesday afternoons. Unfortunatelynext Wednesday is Christmas Day and the following Wednesday is New Year’s Day which are bank holidays. So the next time the bank van will be here will be January 8th.

It was worse than ever today. After queuing in the cold I got inside to be told that they couldn’t get a signal for their computer. To get money out they had to call the branch in Carndonagh. It feels as if we are African villagers, or Amazon tribesmen, in the middle of nowhere.


Anyway, if you want to put anything into the bank, e.g. cheques or cash, it would be well worthwhile dashing to the main road (opposite Gillen’s) now or you won’t be able to do it for three weeks – except by going to Carndonagh.

Getting cash out is less of a problem as there ATMs at Gillen’s and Centra as well as Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland. I’m told you can get it out at the Post Office too.

However, if you have cheques to put in you’d better get to the van now. It is only open until 3pm.