The wee village in the heart of Inishowen is indeed ready for the festivities. Muff has the lights on, the crib in place, and a host of fun lined up over the next couple of weeks. From the Rock Bar, The Carmans, The Point Inn (in nearby QP), Kenny’s Bar (also in QP) and the Squealing Pig, there’s a hive of music and song coming your way.

And to get it all underway, the much talked about Christmas Party is happening this coming Friday night in the Squealing Pig. Yes it’s going to be the party to out party all others. It’s the party where dodgy Christmas jumpers or tops are a must. It’s the party where what happens in the Pig…stays in the Pig! Bring a friend..heck bring an enemy. Just go along and have a good time.

Santa has already visited the village and he may just pop by again before Christmas Eve….for one final check! Muff certainly is ready for Christmas. All that’s left is to enjoy it! Now how difficult can that be?