Psychopath Test

It seems that just over one in a hundred people are psychopaths. That means that there should be 15 in Moville and 8 in Greencastle.

Not all psychopaths are criminals and murderers. Indeed they reckon that company board members are 5 times more likely to be psychopaths, especially in Banking. That is the profession with the most psychopaths followed by lawyers, people who work in media and then sales people.

Credit Crunch

They reckon that the Credit Crunch was an act of Mass Psychopathy. Some psychopaths lead useful lives and they are the ones who are most likely to be pioneers as they feel less fear than others.

So, who do you think are the 15 psychopaths in Moville and the 8 in Greencastle?


Take the test here to see if you are one of them. Click here

How did you do?

I don’t suppose you would let us know how you did, so there’s no point in my asking.

I scored 15 when a score of 30 or more would mean I was a psychopath.

That’ll surprise a few of you.