It’s a miserable day outside. It’s been wild and windy all day and exceedingly gloomy. When the driving rain comes on it’s even worse. Those of you in Australia or New Zealand can have a little smile to yourself as you decide which beach to go to.

I want to get my fire lit but I don’t want to go out and get the coal till at least the rain stops. I’m certainly not going out to get a soaking wet Christmas Tree in. It’ll have to stay outside till things calm down.

It seems that there will be gusts of wind over 100km per hour.


Surprisingly, though, the temperature is an exceedingly mild for this time of year 12 degrees. With the driving wind and rain it doesn’t feel like that though.

It’s supposed to ease off a little in mid afternoon and then grow a little stronger at around tea time.

It’s not the kind of day when you would want to go out. Christmas shopping will have to be put off till next week.

Let’s hope it eases off be the time of the Sean Ti’s Christmas Jumper party tonight with the amazing Yetis.