Christmas Jumper Parties

I went to the Sean Ti’s Christmas Jumper party last year. The Yetis were playing and it was a great night. That was the first Christmas Jumper I’ve ever been to. I don’t know if they were common before that.

It seems to be really catching on though. There is another Christmas Jumper Party at the Sean Ti tonight. The Yetis are playing again so it should be another great night.

The Ferryport are going to have a Christmas Jumper Party next Saturday night with Box the Fox playing.

The following night (Sunday) Rosatos is having a Christmas Jumper Party too. That great duo from Derry are playing.


So, did Kevin Cavanagh invent the idea? Was he the first, the innovator?

I did a google search and came up with this from

“The Charity Christmas Jumper party has finally hit the shores of the U.K in recent years. Across the pond in the U.S the tradition of the Ugly Christmas Sweater party has been going on for years.

“So now it’s the U.K’s turn to take up the tradition of grabbing your ugly, cheesy, vintage and light up Christmas Jumpers and gathering in your local bar, pub or house to host your very own Ugly Christmas Jumper party.


“The Ugly Christmas Jumper party brings about the chance for everyone to stretch the boundaries of what’s normally publicly acceptable.

“It’s a very liberating, fun and exciting feeling wearing a Christmas Jumper to celebrate the Christmas season whilst surrounded by like-minded Christmas Jumper loving party goers.


“If you want to stand out from the crowd at the party, then you search high and low for the most outlandish Christmas Jumper with lights, reindeer and Christmas trees.

“Or if you just want to attend the party in a safer Christmas Jumper then you can go for the traditional fair isle knitted Christmas Jumper, which will show, your Christmas spirit but won’t grab too much attention against the back drop of Christmas lights and jumper madness.”

So, there you have it. At least Kevin was the one to introduce it to those area (as far as I know).

Christmas in July

I wonder if there are other popular parties in the US that would go down well here.

I went to one over there called Christmas In July. There was a Christmas tree and lights and you brought along a present from the previous Christmas that you didn’t want or no longer used. It was wrapped up in Christmas paper and you picked a parcel and someone else would have picked yours.

It was great fun and a great way to recycle old Christmas presents. Maybe it would catch on around here.


I’ve been told that Moville had a Christmas party night last year too on Sunday 16th December when people went around all the pubs that night in their jumpers. Indeed Rosatos had their staff Christmas jumper night then too.