This is from 2007 and was rescued from the archives of the old CraicOn.

Bar-A-Cuda Strippendales

We hear that the Derry Journal is to splash the Bar-a-Cuda’s male stripper act The Strippendales on the front page of its Donegal on Sunday this Sunday.

The Strippendales will be whipping off their clothes on the Thursday of the Moville Festival and is part of the Moville Festival official itinerary.


It seems that someone has contacted the Journal complaining about it and the Journal has been phoning around looking for information.

From what we can make out the story is about someone complaining that the Moville Festival is being sold as a family festival and that The Strippendales wouldn’t be known as good family fun.

We hear that a local guy is involved (we’ve been told his name) and will be revealing all for the ladies.

When we hear more we will keep our readers abreast of the situation.